Employee Testimonial Video

All growing organisations are driven by people and there cannot be a better way than a good employee video to portray the same. A smiling employee speaking her heart out, a proud employee sharing his success story, a team of employees celebrating their achievement together looks blissful in an employee testimonial video. Such video paints a great picture about the company and brings valuable talent in to the organisation. Testimonial video can also be integrated into an employee induction video that helps during the process of recruitment. It resonates the positive vibe of the organisation and creates an everlasting impact among the audience. Many top companies have approached us over the years for getting their employee videos as well as client testimonial videos done by us.

We have worked on several employee videos for large and medium enterprises. We have shot in their premise without causing harm to the ambience or any disruption to their work. Being a small crew, we blend in easily with minimal equipment yet ensure a video of highest quality. Our portfolio encompass projects for companies in IT, Finance, Manufacturing and Education sectors. We love to work with non-actors. We write down the script, take support from the HR department of the company in identifying the right employees, train them to speak in front of the camera by organising a recce shoot and get the job done. We work closely with the client throughout the process. The transparency which we maintain from the scratch to the finish has helped our clients in understanding every event of making a video leading to the final product. We have created employee testimonial videos for many top companies including Tata Communications, TVS Credit, Dvara KFGS, Sri CityKaar Technologies and more. If you are looking for a filmmaker to make a video for your company, please let us know. We at Fish Eye Creations would like to expand our portfolio by adding one more benchmark video. 

Here you may view some employee videos written and produced by us.

Tata Comm - Employee Video

Real Foundation - Employee Video

Tata Comm - Employee Video