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SINCE 2006

Fish Eye Creations is a leading corporate video production company and a top-tier corporate video maker in Chennai. As a comprehensive video production agency, we oversee every step of the corporate video creation process, from concept development and script writing to story-boarding, casting, filming, animation, and post-production. Our consultative approach is what sets us apart as the preferred corporate video agency in Chennai.

Founded by filmmaker and entrepreneur RS Krishna in 2006, Fish Eye Creations has produced over 1,000 corporate videos for various enterprises in the manufacturing and service sectors. In addition to our base in Chennai, we have operations in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, and Kochi.

Our team, consisting of experienced cinematographers and video producers, has filmed corporate videos throughout India and internationally. Our expertise encompasses corporate branding videos, product demos, testimonials, employee branding films, corporate social responsibility (CSR) videos, safety presentations, event highlights, and more.


Our comprehensive services

We start from scratch. Our corporate video makers team guarantee a seamless process from conception to conclusion in every aspect of video production. 

Among our offerings are:

Concept Creation: First, we ascertain your target market and business goals. Our creative team comes up with original ideas that complement the values and message of your brand.

Script Writing: After we have an idea, our talented writers develop captivating screenplays that communicate your narrative in a way that appeals to the audience.

Video Shoot: Using cutting-edge tools and an experienced crew of cinematographers, we shoot stunning film that makes your story come to life. We are capable of filming in a variety of settings, including corporate offices, industrial sites, and consumer testimonials.

Video Editing: Our video editors are experts in their field, skillfully combining images, music, and special effects to produce a polished and powerful end result. We make sure that each frame advances the story as a whole.

Animation: We can provide motion graphics or animation if your concept calls for them. Our animators are capable of producing motion graphics and animated texts, in line with your brand guidelines, that give your corporate movie an extra dose of originality.

Voice Over and Music: We offer expert voice-over services and choose music that fits the mood and theme of your video to round out the experience. If you are looking for custom made music, we can provide that too. 

Our team is committed to producing videos that satisfy industry norms. We take pride in our craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensuring that every corporate video we produce is a work of art. From brand films to product showcases, testimonial videos to corporate presentations, we bring creativity and professionalism to every project.

Video production in today’s globalized society frequently entails crossing boundaries, both literally and conceptually. When agencies, production companies, and foreign businesses need video production services in Chennai, they need a trustworthy local partner who can meet their specific requirements and produce results that are of the highest caliber. Here’s where we get involved. We guarantee the smooth and competent execution of your video projects in India with our all-inclusive line production services.

Your Line Producer in Chennai We handle all the technical and logistical aspects of video production as your local partner in Chennai as a line producer. We can help make any kind of content production easy and hassle-free, be it a corporate video, documentary, commercial, or something else entirely. Our extensive experience in the Indian market and deep-rooted connections in the industry enable us to provide exceptional service to our international clients.

Understanding Your Requirements We start by hearing you out. We collaborate closely with you to fully understand the goals, style, and scope of your video production since we recognize that every project is different. Whether you have a comprehensive screenplay or just an idea, we can customize our services to fit your unique needs. Our staff possesses the skill to effectively bridge cultural and communication gaps, guaranteeing a precise translation of your vision into the Indian environment.

A Skilled and Dedicated Team The foundation of our line manufacturing services is our staff. Along with an accomplished cinematographer, grips, gaffers, and sound engineers, it also features a video producer/interviewer. Each member of the team has worked on a variety of projects spanning genres, so they each bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. This expertise allows us to tackle any production challenge with confidence and creativity.

State-of-the-Art Equipment and Technology We employ top-notch tools to provide excellent results. Our camera equipment, which includes stabilizers, cutting-edge lenses, and high-definition cameras, guarantees that your footage is clear and beautiful. To create the perfect setting for your projects, we also use expert lighting and audio setups. Our dedication to utilizing cutting-edge technology guarantees that your video creation satisfies global requirements.

A Seamless Production Experience We handle all the practical details as your line production partner, freeing you to concentrate on the project’s creative elements. We take care of everything, including equipment rental, transportation, and location scouting. We guarantee that you will receive the greatest materials at reasonable prices because we have built partnerships with nearby merchants. 

Our crew is renowned for its effectiveness and punctuality, and we recognize the importance of scheduling in the film production process. To guarantee that your project is finished on time and within your allocated budget, we work around your schedule. For international agencies and production houses, we are the perfect partner because of our flexibility and adaptability.

A Trusted Partner for Overseas Companies Businesses from overseas who want to film videos in Chennai and other parts of India need a reliable partner. We are the best option because of our stellar reputation for dependability and professionalism. We want to go above and beyond your expectations in every manner because we are dedicated to creating enduring connections with our clients.

We can assist you with creating corporate videos, commercials, or documentaries. We can make your concept a reality thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment, talented team, and local expertise. To find out more about our line production services and how we can work together to produce outstanding video content in Chennai or any other city where we operate, get in touch with us right now.

Here at Fish Eye Creations, our specialty is offering excellent post-production assistance to make your idea a reality. We have been assisting clients for the past 18 years, transforming their unfinished material into engaging movies that connect with viewers, thanks to our committed in-house staff of editors, colorists, and animators.

We offer a variety of post-production services to suit your needs. We have the know-how to provide outstanding results, whether you’re an individual filmmaker in need of specialist editing or a corporate client with hours of raw video.

Our services include:Video editing: Our skilled editors are artisans who expertly put together your film to create a compelling story. Whether it’s a testimonial, a corporate video, or a product demo, we make sure that each frame advances the narrative you wish to convey.

Color Grading & Correction: Color is a key component in determining a video’s overall tone and atmosphere. In order to get a professional and eye-catching end product, our team of colorists uses cutting-edge tools to modify and improve the colors in your footage.

Motion graphics and animation: Our animators are prepared to bring your ideas to life if your video needs animation. With our expertise in 2D animation, motion graphics, and visual effects, we can give your video a dynamic touch.

Sound design and mixing: High-quality audio is equally as crucial as high-quality visual. In order to make sure that the audio quality of your video matches the visual quality, we provide sound design and mixing services. Everything audio related, including voice-overs and background music, is handled by us.

Powerful Workstations and Cutting-Edge Software At Fish Eye Creations, we make significant technological investments to provide exceptional outcomes. High-performance technology on our potent workstations enables us to work effectively and manage challenging tasks with ease. Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Adobe After Effects are some of the industry-leading programs we utilize to make sure your movie has the newest tools and techniques available.

Decades of Experience and Expertise Our in-house team offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project because of its more than 18 years of post-production experience. From corporate presentations to 2D animated marketing videos, we have experience working on a wide variety of videos. Our vast experience enables us to accommodate a variety of forms and styles, guaranteeing that we can satisfy your unique requirements.

Collaborative Approach We respect your input at every stage of the post-production process since we recognize that it is a collaborative effort. To fully grasp your preferences, goals, and vision, our staff collaborates directly with you. We appreciate your input and will make the necessary changes to make sure the finished product meets your standards.

Your Trusted Post-Production Partner When you choose Fish Eye Creations for post-production support, you’re choosing a partner who is committed to excellence. We are passionate about what we do, and we take pride in helping our clients achieve their creative goals. If you have raw footage that needs editing or a concept that requires animation, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our post-production services and how we can work together to create outstanding videos.

Our company specializes in producing gorgeous 2D logo animations that can be utilized for social media marketing, smartphone applications, and website landing pages.

Why Animate a 2D Logo?

Logos are given life with 2D logo animation, which turns them from static images into captivating visual components. A lasting impression on your audience can be achieved by including movement, color changes, and distinctive effects. This fosters a sense of creativity and modernism while also improving brand recognition.

Versatile Applications: Because of their adaptability, our unique 2D logo animations are perfect for a range of digital platforms:

Website Landing Pages: You can quickly capture visitors’ attention with an eye-catching logo animation on your website’s landing page. It inspires them to investigate more and establishes the tone for your brand.

Mobile Apps: Adding animated logos to mobile apps is a great idea. The user experience is enhanced by the addition of professionalism and creativity, whether it’s through an animated splash screen or a subtle movement during app transitions.

Promotions on Social Media: Making an impression on the crowded social media scene is essential. Adding an animated logo to your commercials, stories, or posts on social media can greatly increase shareability and engagement.

Tailored to Your Brand

Since every brand is different, we provide fully customized 2D logo animation services. Our gifted team of animators collaborates directly with you to comprehend the goals, values, and character of your brand. We customize our technique to fit your vision, whether you’re more interested in a more complex and energetic sequence or a minimalist animation with subtle effects.

Making Your Logo Come to Life

An extensive examination of your current logo and brand standards is the first step in the process. Together, we determine which important components to emphasize in the animation. Next, our animators create a storyboard that shows the order and effects that will be applied. After approval, we go to work on the animation, paying special attention to every little detail to guarantee seamless transitions and captivating movements.

Go with the trend 

Our team produces top-notch 2D logo animations using the newest hardware and software. To get the greatest results, we blend cutting-edge technology with time-honored animation methods. Our animations are designed to play smoothly and maintain visual coherence across a range of platforms and devices.

Corporate Video Production - Selected Work

We make corporate films. We create Stories. Stories that inspire us. Films that intrigue us.

Corporate Video Makers in Chennai
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Employee Branding Video for a US based software company located in Chennai.

Corporate Video Production in Chennai
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VKC Footwear

Corporate Video for a leading footwear manufacturing company.

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Sri City

Corporate Video for one of India’s largest and private industrial hub.

Home - New
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Public Services International (PSI)

A documentary on young trade union workers

Lions Quest Case Study Video
Play Video about Lions Quest Case Study Video

Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence

A success story on the implementation of an adolescence program for students

Home - New
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VRV Chart Industries

A safety video for an industrial manufacturer located in Sri City.

Advertisement Film Showreel

Since our inception, we’ve crafted numerous commercial ads for both advertising agencies and companies. Now, we’re excited to share our ad film showreel, featuring a selection of our finest work. These ads, directed by filmmaker Tito Sunny and expertly supported by our Creative Head RS Krishna, showcase the creativity and quality that define our projects. Dive in and see what makes our commercial ads stand out.

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Transforming Ideas Into Captivating Visual Stories – Your Vision, Our Expertise.

We turn your ideas into outstanding, high-quality corporate videos that communicate effectively. Through our consultative approach, we help guide you toward creating a captivating corporate video, respecting your vision without compromising on creativity. We manage the entire process, from concept to completion, ensuring a smooth and professional corporate video production experience. 

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We create corporate videos from scratch, managing every step from concept to completion. Check out our portfolio to see our videos, and if you’d like us to work with you, reach out. After all, seeing is believing.

Corporate Profile Video Icon
Corporate Video

We're the preferred corporate video maker in Chennai for both major corporations and start-ups looking to promote their business, boost brand awareness, demonstrate a new product, or showcase their facility with a manufacturing plant video. We can work safely within your facility or at any other location you specify, and we operate throughout India. Our team has filmed in bustling Mumbai, energetic Delhi, and tranquil Dehradun, among other places.

CSR Video icon
CSR Video

An outstanding Corporate CSR video offers immense value and significantly boosts the noble goals of an organization. We've written and produced Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) videos for numerous leading companies, some of which have been showcased at international events. Our filmmaking team travels to remote locations throughout the country for shoots, and when deadlines are tight, we accelerate the post-production process to deliver top-quality videos in record time.

employee-Video 1
Employee Video

An employee video is the best medium to showcase an organization's work culture. It's also an excellent way to familiarize new hires with their workplace through employee induction videos. HR induction videos or onboarding and orientation videos are perhaps the most challenging yet rewarding projects we work on. We enjoy collaborating with non-actors (employees), guiding them to deliver their best performance on camera. We've produced outstanding videos for some of the top companies in the service sector.

Product-Video 1
Product Demo Video

Product promotional videos, also known as explainer or demo videos, typically highlight a product's features. We take it a step further by emphasizing how the product addresses common challenges or pain points faced by end users. Our team collaborates closely with company experts to understand the product's workings, enabling us to create a compelling video that not only sells but also clearly explains the product's functionality.

CSR Video icon
Testimonial Video

Testimonial videos are a weekly staple for us at FEC. We meticulously draft questionnaires, conduct insightful interviews with top leaders, employees, and clients, and then refine these conversations into engaging narratives that drive sales. Each testimonial video is a unique story, and the end result is a source of pride for our team. Our Creative Head, a distinguished video producer, has produced over 300 testimonial videos, each reflecting the care and attention to detail that define our work. In addition to serving domestic clients, we also act as an extended arm for overseas video agencies, producing testimonial videos for them on a regular basis.

Advertisement-Video 1
TV Commercials

Since 2006, FEC has scripted and produced over 100 TV commercials for leading FMCGs and business services. Our B2C video production team is led by filmmaker Tito Sunny, with direct involvement from RS Krishna, ensuring every project receives the best creative input. Our advertisement film showreel showcases a curated selection of our work, demonstrating the high quality we consistently deliver. Whether working directly with companies or in partnership with advertising agencies, we excel at crafting commercials that resonate with audiences.

company-walkthrough-video 1
Plant Walkthrough Video

We are passionate about drones, and our clients are enthusiastic about drone videos. Today, aerial footage has become essential for video production. Our professional camera team collaborates with experienced drone operators to capture stunning visuals, which we then combine into captivating plant walkthrough videos. These walkthrough videos are a great way to showcase manufacturing plants, real estate developments, construction projects, or large-scale service operations effectively.

Safety Training Icon
Safety Training Video

Our corporate filmmaking team has collaborated with safety training experts to produce visitor safety and worker safety videos for a number of prestigious companies, including the Aditya Birla Group, GMMCO CAT and Chart Industries. We are well-versed in understanding safety compliance requirements and addressing potential issues. Our team is trained to script and produce impeccable safety videos for a variety of industrial sectors.

social-media-video-icon 1
Social Media Video

In today's digital landscape, social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn have become essential channels for businesses to promote their brand and products. To stay ahead of the competition, companies need to produce high-quality content that captivates audiences and delivers a strong message. This is where we come in. Our team specializes in creating videos tailored to these platforms, ensuring that your brand stands out in a crowded digital space. We understand that businesses need to be agile and cost-conscious when it comes to social media content.