Corporate Social Responsibility Video or simply CSR Video is an effective way of informing the audience the good service done by a company to the community they support. It is also sends out the message that by doing so the company, through the act of giving back to the society has achieved a balance between profit making and social development. The making of a CSR video often begins with the client briefing us the purpose of having a video made and its content. This is followed by a framework on the desired outcome. We develop a storyline and discuss with the client on the possibility of putting it to good effect. We plan, schedule and set out to the location.

The people we meet, the experience sharing, the ambience often make us re-write the script for good, with the consent of the client. Working with non-actors is often challenging. Some people are camera conscious, some very shy and hesitant. We support them by making them comfortable before going for the final take. We ask them the right questions. We let them express. We help them speak their heart out. Out of all kinds of video that we write and produce, CSR videos are close to our hearts. We get to meet people from different walks of life, hear their stories, capture them in the best possible manner, come back to our studio and transform the best of footage into an impactful video. The humane touch and realism that we experience while making CSR Videos always leaves us wanting to get ourselves involved in the process more often.

Videos made by us have been played in events held by our clients. The target audience often include investors, prospective customers, government representatives and common public. They have also been published on their youtube channels and other social medium. The overwhelming response has encouraged us and driven us forward.

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